30" Deck

Available: Rear Wheel Drive with Personal Pace

30" Steel Deck with Dual Force™ Twin Blade Cutting System

The wide 30" mowing deck lets you handle large areas of grass quickly and easily, reducing mowing time by up to 40%*.
Ideal For:
    •  Big yards and busy schedules;a lightweight mower that easily circles trees, shrubs and other landscaping
    •  Making frequent stops to move obstacles or debris when mowing

22" Deck

Available: All Wheel Drive with Personal Pace, PoweReverse Personal Pace, Rear Wheel Drive with Personal Pace, Variable Speed Front Wheel Drive, Manual Push

22" Steel Deck with Recycler Cutting System

The 22 inch cutting path lets you cut a wide area of lawn with each pass. The Recycler cutting system has a front throw chamber and atomic blade lift, suspend and re-cut clippings into a fine mulch for a healthy, lush lawn.
Ideal For:
    •  All types of yard terrain
    •  Yards under one acre

21" Deck

Available: Rear Wheel Drive with Personal Pace

21" Cast Aluminum Deck with Super Recycler Cutting System

The 21 inch deck with the patented Super Recycler cutting system features a veneered cutting blade, clipping accelerator and kickers that circulate clipping into a fine mulch, giving you the best cutting system Toro has to offer.
Ideal For:
    •  Flat yards with tight areas under one acre
    •  Easily converting from mulching, side discharging, or rear bagging

21" Recycler Push Mower Deck

Available: Manual Push

21" Light and Maneuverable Deck

The 21 inch cutting deck is lightweight and maneuverable. The smaller width allows for mowing in tight areas. The 4" deep dome deck design makes for superior mulching and bagging.
Ideal For:
    •  Flat yards under 1/4 acre
    •  Mowing in tight areas
    •  Emitting lower emissions while mowing

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